Mobile Suit Gundam

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Englische Episodenliste
Staffel 1
1.Gundam Rises Upon the Earth!!
2.The Order to Destroy Gundam
3.Attack the Enemy Supply Ship!
4.The Battle to Escape from Luna II
5.Breaking Into the Atmosphere
6.Garma Strikes
7.The Core Fighter's Escape
8.Battlefield Wasteland
9.Fly! Gundam
10.Garma Falls
11.Icelina, Remaining Love
12.The Threat of Zeon
13.See You Again, Mom...
14.Time, Be Still
15.Cucuruz Doan's Island
16.Sayla Sorties
17.Amuro Deserts
18.The Red Hot Adzam Leader
19.Ramba Ral's Suicide Attack!
20.Battle to Death! White Base
21.The Hatred in Fighting
22.Breakthrough M'Quve's Trap!
23.The Battle to Rescue Matilda
24.Close Combat! Triple Dom
25.The Battle of Odessa
26.Char's Revival
27.Infiltrated by a Female Spy!
28.The Atlantic, Dyed with Blood
29.Jaburo Falls!
30.A Tiny Line of Defense
31.Zanzibar, Pursuit!
32.Forced Breakthrough
33.Conscon's Assault
34.The Fated Encounter
35.The Battle to Capture Solomon
36.Be Afraid! The Mobile Big Zam
37.The Duel in Texas
38.Reunion, Char and Sayla
39.The Newtype, Challia Bull
40.Elmeth's Lalah
41.Cosmic Glow
42.Space Fortress A Baoa Qu