Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

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Die Folgen (64)
Englische Episodenliste
Staffel 1
1.Fullmetal Alchemist
2.The First Day
3.The Heretic City
4.An Alchemist's Distress
5.Rain of Sorrow
6.The Road of Hope
7.The Hidden Truth
8.Research Laboratory 5
9.Created Feelings
10.Separate Paths
11.The Miracle at Rush Valley
12.One is All, All is One
13.The Beasts of Dublith
14.Those Who Lurk Underground
15.Emissary From the East
16.The Footsteps of a War Comrade
17.Cool-Headed Flames
18.On the Palm of an Arrogant Human Being
19.The Death of the Undying
20.The Father Standing Before a Grave
21.The Fool's Progress
22.Distant Backs
23.The Girl in the Battlefield
24.Within the Stomach
25.The Door of Darkness
27.Interlude Party
29.Struggle of the Fool
30.The Ishbal Annihilation Campaign
31.The Promise Made For 520 Cenz
32.The Son of the Führer
33.The Northern Wall of Briggs
34.Ice Queen
35.The Shape of This Country
36.Family Portrait
37.The Original Homunculus
38.Clash in Baschool
40.The Dwarf Inside the Flask
42.The Signs of a Counterattack
43.The Ant's Bite
44.A Full Recovery
45.The Promised Day
46.The Creeping Shadow
47.Messenger of Darkness
48.An Oath Made in the Underground
49.Familial Affection
50.Upheaval in Central
51.Army of Immortals
52.Everyone's Power
53.The Flames of Revenge
54.Beyond the Raging Fire
55.The Adults' Way of Life
56.The Return of the Führer
57.Eternal Leave
59.Lost Light
60.Eye of Heaven, Gateway of Earth
61.Kami o Nomikomishi Mono
62.The Violent Counterattack
63.The Other Side of the Gate
64.The Journey's End