SD Gundam Force

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Die Folgen (52)
Englische Episodenliste
Staffel 1
1.His Name is Captain
2.Soul Drive, Activate!
3.Zero, the Flying Knight
4.Attack the Enemy Musai!
5.Gundam Force, Team Up!
6.The Blazing Samurai Comes to Neotopia
7.Go! Gunbiker!
8.A Princess, A Cake, and the Winged Knight
9.Bakunetsumaru's Struggle
10.Gundam Force Triple Attack!
11.The Mystery of LaCroix Pt 1: Arrival
12.The Mystery of LaCroix Pt 2: Trapped
13.The Mystery of LaCroix Pt 3: Return
14.Under Cover Mission! Learn the Gundam Force's Secrets!
15.March Wing: GunEagle
16.Masters of the Deep Sea: GunDivers!
17.Ashuramaru: The Old Rival Returns
18.Fly, Captain! The SDG Base Hangs by a Thread!
19.Showdown! Bakunetsumaru vs. Ashuramaru
20.Fenn's Disaster
21.Awakening! Feather Dragon
22.Attack of the Big-Zam
23.Fire Up! Captain System
24.Trouble! Stolen Soul Drive
25.Neotopia's Moment of Truth
26.The Final Battle! Commander vs. Captain
27.Charge! Dark Axis
28.Three Paths
29.The Final Blow is Dealt!? The Threat of the Minofus Boundary
30.Revival! We are the Leaders!?
31.The Demon Blade, Epyon
32.Epyon's Assault!
33.Reclaim! The Cursed Princess Lacroa
34.The Black Robe of Princess Lacroa
35.World's Greatest! Volume of Genkimaruuuuuuuuuuuuu!
36.Onigiri and the Garden of Wisdom
37.Crash! The Dark Deathscythe
38.Princess Lili, Reborn!
39.Garbera's Cry
40.Kiba-Oh-Maru's Invasion!
41.Imprisoned Shute and Lili
42.Disturbances of the Horoscope
43.Final Move! Kiba-Oh-Maru vs. Shute
44.Baku-Shin-maru, Ignite!
45.Gundam Force Assemble!
46.The Tears of Cobramaru
47.Musha Daishinsho Unleashed!
48.Tenchjio on Fire: Genkimaru's Roar!!
49.Prelude to Destruction: Gerbera's True Identity
50.Total Anihilation?! The Threat of the General
51.The Final Battle! The General vs. Everyone!
52.The Way Home