Gundam Build Fighters Try

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Die Folgen (23)
Englische Episodenliste
Staffel 1
1.The Boy Who Calls the Wind
2.Team Up, Try Fighters!
3.Her Name Is Gyanko
5.Dream and Challenge in Your Heart
6.Ruler of the Battlefield
7.Straight-Assembly Shimon
8.Upon This Shield
9.Showdown at Solomon
10.Gunpla Collection
11.Nielsen Labs
12.To Fly to the Future
13.Beyond the Knuckle
14.Worthy Rivals
15.Reborn Try Fighters!
16.Magnificent Shia
17.Haunted Castle Trap
19.Fateful Reunion
20.Unbreakable Heart
21.Blue Wings
22.Follow Your Heart
23.Build Fighter