Gundam Age

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Die Folgen (49)
Englische Episodenliste
Staffel 1
1.The Savior, Gundam
2.The Power of AGE
3.The Twisted Colony
4.The White Wolf
5.The Demon Boy
6.The Light and Shadow of Fardain
7.Evolving Gundam
8.A Deadly United Front
9.Secret Mobile Suit
10.Day of Fierce Battle
11.Reunion at Minsry
12.The Rebels Set Sail
13.Space Fortress Ambat
14.Flash of Sorrow
15.Those Tears Fall in Space
16.The Gundam in the Stable
17.Friendship, Love and Mobile Suits
18.The Battle at Graduation
19.Asem's Departure
20.The Red Mobile Suit
21.Phantoms in the Way
22.The Big Ring Absolute Defense Line
23.Suspicious Colony
25.The Terrifying Mu-szell
26.The Earth... Is Our Eden
27.I Saw a Red Sunset
28.Upheaval in the Earth Sphere
29.Grandpa's Gundam
30.The City Becomes a Battlefield
31.Tremble in Fear - Ghosts of the Desert
32.The Traitor
33.Howling at the Earth
34.Space Pirates Bisidian
35.Message Capsule
36.Stolen Gundam
37.The Vagan's World
38.Fugitive Kio
39.The Door to the New World
40.Kio's Decision: Together with the Gundam
41.Magnificent Fram
42.Girard Spriggan
43.Splendid! Triple Gundam
44.Diverging Paths
45.SID the Destroyer
46.Space Fortress La Gramis
47.Blue Planet, Falling Lives
48.Glimmer of Despair
49.End of a Long Journey