Turn A Gundam

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Die Folgen (50)
Englische Episodenliste
Staffel 1
1.Howling At The Moon
2.The Coming Of Age Ceremony
3.After The Ceremony
4.Hometown Soldiers
5.The Advent Of Dianna
6.The Forgotten Past
7.Training To Be A Lady
8.Laura's Cow
9.Corin Called It Gundam
10.Gravesite Visit
11.The Destruction of Nocis
12.An Underground Corridor
13.An Older Person
14.Separated Again
15.Memories, Disappear
16.All About Turn A
17.Dust Blows On The Founding Of A Nation
18.Kihel and Dianna
19.Sochie's War
20.Anis Power
21.Dianna's Desperate Fight
22.Harry's Trouble
23.Teteth's Last Words
24.Laura's Distant Howl
25.Willgem Takes Off
26.The Battle of Enlightenment
27.Midnight Daybreak
28.Entrusted Things
29.The Soreil Pair
30.Holding It In The Chest
31.Pursuit! Crybaby Poe
32.The King Of Legend
33.Captured Manupichi
34.Fly! Through The Stratosphere
36.The Militia's Decisive Space Battle
37.Gateway To The Moon
38.Battle God Ghingnham
39.Asteroid Explosion
40.Sea Battle On The Lunar Surface
41.Determined To Fight
42.Turn X Activated
43.The Shocking Black History
44.A New Enemy
45.Traitorous Guin
46.Again, To Earth
47.Ghingnham's Invasion
48.Dianna's Repatriation
49.Moonlight Butterfly
50.Golden Autumn