Gundam ZZ

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Die Folgen (47)
Englische Episodenliste
Staffel 1
1.Prelude ZZ
2.The Young Man from Shangri-La
3.The Knight of the Endra
4.Mashymre's Passion
5.Judau's Determination
6.The Menace of the Zssa
7.The Gaza Storm
8.The Funeral Bell Tolls Twice
9.Judau in Space
10.Goodbye, Fa
11.Activate, Double Zeta
12.Leina Disappears
14.Colony of Illusion Part I
15.Colony of Illusion Part II
16.The Argama's Close Quarters Battle
17.Recover! The Core Top
18.Haman's Dark Shadow
19.Puru and Axis
20.Tearful Cecillia Part I
21.Tearful Cecillia Part II
22.Judau Sorties!!
23.Earth Ablaze
24.Siblings' Love on the South Seas
25.Rommel's Face
26.Masai's Heart
27.Leina's Blood Part I
28.Leina's Blood Part II
29.Runaway Roux
30.Blue Team Part I
31.Blue Team Part II
32.Beyond the Salt Lake
33.An Afternoon in Dublin
34.Kamille's Voice
35.The Sky is Falling
36.Puru Two's Descent
37.Nahel Argama
38.The Iron Wall of the Jamru Fin
39.The Second Coming of Sarasa
40.Tigerbaum's Dream
41.Rasara's Life
42.Core 3 Maiden Part I
43.Core 3 Maiden Part II
44.Emary, Wilting Flower
45.The Battle of Axis
47.Warrior, Once More...